Things You Should Know about Revenge Pornography

When someone you were sexually involved with takes your nude pictures or videos and posts them online to get back at you, you are a victim of revenge pornography. This illegal act is punishable by law. Here are some facts you need to know about revenge pornography.

Most of the Victims are Women
Although revenge pornography can happen to anyone from either sex, usually women are the most vulnerable. Women tend to be attached, and they trust easily because they are more into emotional connections as opposed to men. Men with malicious intentions use this to their advantage to get nude pictures and even videos from women.

It Has Psychological Implications
Many victims of revenge pornography tend to suffer mental problems. They may become depressed or overly anxious around people. Their self-esteem may go down and in some extreme cases some result to suicide rather than face the embarrassment of the situation. Due to this, people who have gone through this or are going through such a traumatic experience are encouraged to find a good counselor or therapist who can help them cope with the stressful situation so that they do not result to extremes such as depression and suicide. Contact Aaron Minc to know more!

It is a Form of Sexual Violence
There is nothing consensual about revenge pornography. The minute explicit photos are posted online without someone's permission it automatically becomes abuse. Since human beings are sexual beings with complete control over their body, when someone's body is subjected to humiliation, sexual exploitation and ridicule it becomes an act of violence. Due to the exploitative nature of revenge pornography, it has been categorized as cyber rape. This is because when your body is subjected to someone else's opinions and gazes without consent, it can feel like you are being victimized. This can cause a lot of mental problems and psychological disturbances that are similar to the ones brought about by rape. If you want to learn more about defamation attorneys, you can visit .

It is a form of Exploitation
Revenge pornography has over the years been used to exploit victims for money. This makes the victims vulnerable to ridicule. As a matter of fact, the sites that allow people to post photos and videos that can be associated with revenge pornography charge money before they think about removing the content. It becomes impossible for victims to get rid of the explicit videos and images without having to pay up to have them removed. This is exploitation that ends up causing stress to the victims of such ill behavior. Know about Defamation Removal Law Revenge Porn here!